Review from Veronika Mikhailova

Why did you choose B.H.M.S. for your studies?
I chose B.H.M.S. Business and Hotel Management School mainly because it provides education of the highest standards, moreover, this school is located in Switzerland that is the best place where the sphere of hospitality business is developed. It is obvious that the employers are looking firstly for prospective employees, who have graduated from high rated universities such as B.H.M.S.

Tell us about your experience of living in Switzerland.
My experience of living in Switzerland contributed to formation of my open-mindedness to cultural differences.

How was the relationship with classmates, staff and lecturers? How would you describe your experience of studying in a multicultural school?
Studying within an international environment with classmates of more than 70 nationalities had broaden my mind and widen my horizons. This resulted in enriching my experience by extending my global vision and developing my global perspective.

How did you enjoy your free time during term breaks, holidays and weekends?
I had the opportunity to travel during holidays, weekends and term breaks since Switzerland is in the heart of Europe.

If you had to recommend B.H.M.S. to other students or friends, which advantages/benefits would you mention?
The main advantage of studying at B.H.M.S. is the opportunity to become a highly qualified specialist in the hospitality industry.

Swiss Education
During the studies for the  MSc in International Hospitality management, I have experienced and learned the many different sides of the hospitality management, from planning and developing in a hotel, to hiring and retaining the workforce. What really stood out for me after six months of education, was the realization of the many different types of jobs a hotel manager should perform. This provided me a better comprehension of various roles and responsibilities that I could apply as a manager of the hotel. One of the advantages I discovered during studying, was the fact that I should work in a team in order to accomplish group projects. I understood that the different ideas which come from different points of view, can contribute considerably to a successful work.

B.H.M.S. offered me an internship at a 5-star hotel in Dubai and this was a significant step for my future career. The main advantage of being an operational trainee in food and beverage department was that I learned about the organization of the whole restaurant since it was operated by a small team. The knowledge and the experiences I have gained surpassed my expectations and helped me to gain some transferable skills, which seems to be important for my future success in the hospitality industry.