Four Reasons

Here are four reasons why our students and graduates would make great additions to your organization:

Reason #1
Our students have 'transferable' skills that help them adapt quickly to new situations. Examples of these skills include:

  • All students are able to work after each study period for 6 months (Hospitality, Culinary & Global Programs) giving a mix of both students with international and Swiss experience depending on the length of their study program 1-5 years (Higher Diploma, Bachelor Degree, Post Graduate Degree & Master's Degree).
  • Our students come from more than 75 different countries, range in age between 18 to 30, and are taught by lecturers of 22 nationalities. This diverse learning environment means our students adapt rapidly to multicultural environments and want to broaden their international understanding.
  • In addition to their own languages, all students have excellent communication in English and learn basic German or French, during their studies.
  • Many students have previous experience in international hotels and businesses.
  • Students are taught how to solve problems and adapt to various environments
  • Soft skills learnt by our students are highly valuable and needed in the broader service sector

Reason #2
Our students gain a strong foundation of knowledge across the hospitality and business fields and are keen to grow professionally and develop their careers.

Reason #3
Our students' learning beyond the classroom gives them an edge. Students are trained during their studies in F&B and/or culinary techniques in preparation for an internship. By integrating into an actual hospitality environment, students then build on these skills to add value to their place of employment as well as their own CVs.

Reason #4
Our graduates are confident, independent and able to relate well to others. They end their studies at B.H.M.S. not only with a valuable academic qualification but with hands on work experience, have participated in sports teams, presentations and various group work, making them flexible and prepared for a wide array of graduate opportunities.